Saturday Round-up

9 May 2020

Another beautiful day, though the clouds rolled in around 3:00 and there were spots of rain. The beautiful weather has made this crisis that little bit more manageable. But the day isn’t long enough! I woke up today with so many plans but didn’t get to at least half of them. I wander around the garden and I’m reminded of all the things I want to do. Then I see my bicycle which clearly wants to go out for a ride. Ditto Humphrey. There’s bread to bake and books to read. And this blog is taking up a huge amount of time. Then there’s a puzzle we bought to fill up days that are already full.

I tried to buy some manure online today. Basically bags of shit. I haven’t been very good at improving the soil in my garden which is basically just clay. Now that I have time (well some time) it seems a good thing to do. Apparently a lot of people are thinking the same thing, since the earliest I can get the manure delivered is 27 May. Not far from where we live there’s a steaming pile of cow shit about the size of a cruise liner. (Remember those?) Maybe I should just steal some. Imagine getting caught stealing shit though.

I had a nice little back and forth with my sister as a result of my Recipes for the Apocalypse post. I mentioned an Italian Cooking course that we took together back in 1975. I had long ago misplaced all the recipes, but Janet, who is a super organised person, had all of them. It was interesting to compare the original recipe for Spiedini with what has evolved in my head over 45 years.

And with that, I’ll go straight into the stuff from the interweb.

Deb sent this: I then asked how these people get such great sound quality in their living room. I then got the equivalent of a Ted Talk from Deb on how to produce great sound at home. Now I’m tempted to go for sound, though I can’t sing like this guy:

And then, when you’re finally done saying goodbye, you think of something else to say and the process starts all over again:

There’s a Fauci bobble-head doll and it’s selling like hotcakes. Don’t tell Donald:

Someone needs to do an intervention with the Mona Lisa

Nicola, as wise as always:

In the absence of real government guidance, there’s chaos: An interesting study of how re-opening is proceeding in Texas, and the dangers that lurk.

Yes it does sound that way:

I’m going to admit to being wrong: In my rant against Bethany Mandel on Thursday, I doubted her claim that doctors and nurses are being furloughed. Turns out, she’s right, but that just reveals how screwed up it is to run a healthcare system on a for profit basis. Not only does this happen, but it makes it much more difficult to re-deploy doctors and nurses to more urgent care. And, in any case, I still maintain that it’s the meatpackers who deserve more attention at this moment than the redundant doctors. See this from my friend Helen.

Imagine that:

I think Josh came close to this, but he was watching on his laptop, so no cord:

Another version of an earlier favourite:

What lies ahead — kind of like those coming attractions we used to watch at the cinema. Remember the cinema?:

And that’s it. Happy Sunday.

Stay safe. Be kind.

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I am a journalist, historian, and professor at the University of St Andrews. I was born in the United States, but have lived in Scotland since 1980. I am a voracious reader, keen gardener, carpenter, cook and Mr. Fix-it.

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